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This page has helpful and informative downloads for interested parties. If there is something additional that you need, please contact us.

Group-Rating Safety Accountability Letter

file: GroupRatingSafetyAccountabilityLtr.pdf
size: 129KB, date added: 9/2022

Ohio BWC Presentation by Christine Williams

size: 620KB, date added: 9/2020

FY21 Group Rating Accountability Letter

file: FY21-Group-Rating-Accountability-Letter-002-(1).pdf
size: 170KB, date added: 8/2020

FY20 Group Rating Accountability Letter
size: 90KB, date added: 8/2019
Safety Council May 2019 Flyer
size: 264KB, date added: 5/2019
Safety Council Feb 2019 Flyer
size: 267KB, date added: 2/2019
Safety Council Jan 2019 Flyer
size: 260KB, date added: 1/2019
Safety Council December 2018 Flyer
size: 282KB, date added: 12/2018
Safety Council November 2018 Flyer
size: 98KB, date added: 11/2018
Safety Council October 2018 Flyer
size: 100KB, date added: 10/2018
BWC Group-Rating Safety Accountability Letter
size: 223KB, date added: 09/10/2018
Safety Update Ohio BWC Library May & June 2018
size: 287KB, 401kb date added: 6/2018
Safety Update Ohio BWC Library April 2018
size: 762KB, date added: 4/2018
Safety Update Ohio BWC Library March 2018
size: 169KB, date added: 3/2018
Working Partners: Work it Out
size: 842KB, date added: 11/29/2017

BWC Group-Rating Safety Accountability Letter
size: 223KB, date added: 09/18/2017

Red Cross Presentation
size: 1574KB, date added: 08/15/2017

Heat, Stress, and Dehydration Presentation
size: 790KB, date added: 06/21/2017

Richard Hawk Presentation Registration
size: 1,117KB, date added: 03/10/2017

Medical Marijuana Form from Murphy's Consultants Inc
size: 105KB, date added: 03/09/2017

Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation; OSHA Recordkeeping Presentation by Brian A. Zachetti, CSP
size: 4068KB, date added: 02/01/2017

January 2017 Safety Update from Ohio BWC Library
size: 58KB, date added: 01/26/2017

Workplace Harassment
size: 1,257KB, date added: 12/20/2016
size: 208KB, date added: 12/20/2016

Presentation Downloads from Ohio BWC Presentation by Christine Williams, CPM.
size: 322KB, date added: 10/24/2016

size: 133KB, date added: 10/24/2016
BWC True-Up Report Deadline Extension
size: 159KB, date added: 8/26/2016
OSHA’s Reporting and Recordkeeping Rule Guidelines
size: 716KB, date added: 8/26/2016
New OSHA Recordkeeping Reporting Rule
size: 86KB, date added: 8/26/2016
Medical Marijuana and its Impact on BWC
size: 53KB, date added: 8/26/2016
Group-Rating Safety Accountability Letter 2016
size: 89KB, date added: 8/22/2016
BWC Update - Prospective Billing Article Feb 2016
size: 582KB, date added: 3/04/2016
Group-Rating Safety Accountability Letter 2015
size: 89KB, date added: 9/17/2015
Salem Area Safety Council 2015-2016 Meeting Topics
size: 227KB, date added: 08/26/2015
Workers' Compensation Best Practices & Updates
size: 8485KB, date added: 06/19/2015
Youngstown Yearly BWC Schedule
size: 168KB, date added: 06/10/2015
Youngstown Quarterly BWC Schedule
size: 1067KB, date added: 06/10/2015
Safety Congress 2015 PDF
size: 47KB, date added: 03/27/2015
Hazard Communication Power Point as PDF
size: 911KB, date added: 03/24/2015
Prospective Billing and Safety Seminar
size: 41KB, date added: 03/02/2015
Dealing With Employees who Don't Follow the Rules
size: 87KB, date added: 02/20/2015
Reminder: Payment addresses have changed
size: 131KB, date added: 12/16/2014
Ohio BWC Powerpoint as PDF; Prospective Presentation for Employers
size: 459KB, date added: 12/15/2014